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 Greetings from The Rev.! 
As promised, I am featuring 2 blog submissions from Det. Rich Wistocki. The first teaches parents why it's important for them to know what their children are doing on-line. The second makes the case that we CAN stop 75% of school shootings. The solution to the problem doesn't involve more gun laws. Read Det. Rich's solution from the playbook of the United States Secret Service whom he has worked with--and it has prevented over 43 incidents as of 05/13/23. Lots of people are still alive and the would be assailants are arrested and also given badly needed mental health help.
Just a reminder-If you are grieving from the death of a loved one due to COVID19, or any other circumstances call me at 630-557-6229. You talk, I'll listen.


thoughts of suicide running in the back of your mind, please call right away or the National Suicide Hotline number on the Contact Page of this website. Most everyone has had the thought of suicide pass through between the ears. The good news is thoughts are just thoughts until you act upon them. I've had clients be very relieved to know that they weren't likely to follow through if it was one of the millions of thoughts that are momentary and pass through. And don't believe the myth that asking someone if they are considering suicide will make it happen. You may even save a life by asking. Please read the blog on suicide for the facts. 

I am available to come to your home with appropriate COVID19 precautions or consider a video counseling session if you are more comfortable that way.    SOLUTIONS-the first PRN Contract Chaplain Services provider for Healthcare is now available for businesses needing one on a temporary basis.  I'm looking forward with great anticipation to what God has in store for New Day.  Share with us in the comment box below. Your words could brighten the day for someone. We all need to feel loved and valued. So pay it forward! 

Your Servant Leader,
Rev. Carlene  

Talk To Me
What topics are you interested in seeing in a blog? Write your comments in the lower box and send them to me. Thank you. I am here to serve you and be a guide by your side, helping you to integrate faith and real life. Faith is a verb--live it out loud and clear!!! Welcome the new decade.

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